The emulation of the American Dream is a great hoax

‘5.1 Revolutionary Woman #3 – Code Name: Dolores

‘5.2 Dolores Tadiar lived the suburban middle-class housewife life in a three-bedroom house with her three children, a dog, a petunia garden, and a salaried husband – the very paradigm of the perfect American family. One day, the salaried husband lost his job, became an alcoholic, and disappeared with another woman. Unable to make the mortgage payments, Dolores lost the house, squished her three kids into a cheap one-room apartment, carted the smallest from babysitter to babysitter, and got a job as a waitress. At the end of the month, she partitioned her meager wage and tips into rent, food, and child care.

‘5.3 The emulation of the American Dream is a great hoax.’

— Karen Tei Yamashita, I Hotel


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