a bullet-stream / of oyster shells

Part of a Dana Levin’s ‘The Living Teaching’:

So all hail to me―

             Os Gurges, Vortex Mouth, I gap my craw
             and the bakeries of the cities fall, I

             stomp the docks―spew out a bullet-stream
             of oyster shells, I’ll

             drain the seas―the silos
             on every farm, the rice

             from the paddy fields, the fruit
             from all the orchard trees, and then I’ll

             eat the trees―

             I’ll eat with money and I’ll eat
             with my teeth until the rocks

             and the mountains curl
             and my blood sings―

             I’m such a good girl

             to eat the world.

It’s all amazing, ‘a bullet-stream / of oyster shells’ in particular.

I need to read more Dana Levin.


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